LabIR Software

IR software LabIR®for analysis of thermograms

Software for online and offline thermographic measurement with immediate or additional temperature evaluation. A set of several modules with reciprocally compatible functions for basic measurement of temperatures, automatic controlling processes for production lines and development and enhancement of technological processing.

Basic information

LabIR® thermography software is compatible with many infrared cameras from various producers. It has unique evaluative functions (emissivity calculations, contrast analyses of temperature changes, temperature monitoring at the level of pixels, welding inspection) and it is prepared to integrate into production lines for managing or controlling quality. Single modules are reciprocally compatible.

Several IR software modules correspond with the functional demands of customers, from the free downloading version with elementary analyses of thermograms up to demanding analyses with the possibility of individual customized modification.

For integrating thermographic measurement into production lines, we are able to ensure complex package services, software including an infrared camera and set up of the technological process.

IR software offers

LabIR FREE - software for non-contact temperature measurement

Software for non-contact temperature measurement


Software for basic analyses of thermographic measurement in different fields.

Application: mechanical engineering, power engineering, science and research, automotive industry

Thermography software is available to download free of charge.

LabIR Control - IR software for thermographic inspection

Software for thermographic inspection


Software for automatic inspection in production lines.

Application: mechanical engineering, automotive industry, research

LabIR technology - IR software for thermography applications

Software for thermography applications


Software for advanced users of thermography, for research, for setting up new technological methods.

Application: mechanical engineering, automotive industry

LabIR NDT - software for infrared testing

Software for thermographic testing


Software for material inspection and defect detection using advanced features of active thermography and thermographic (infrared) non-destructive testing.

Application: Science and research, mechanical engineering, power engineering, testing and defectoscopy.

LabIR ThermoStitch - software for connecting thermograms

Software for connecting thermograms

LabIR® Thermostitch

Software for comfortable stitching of thermograms. The results is fully radiometric thermal image.

Application: Science and research, power engineering, building.

Various cameras

Connection of different infrared cameras

LabIR® is able to communicate with different infrared imaging cameras: FLIR, Micro-Epsilon, Optris or LumaSense.

Emissivity calculation

Calculation with emissivity

It is possible to alter the emissivity of the scene additionally, after taking the record. It is also possible to set up different emissivity for an analysed part of the image part than for the rest of the image. LabIR® is able to determine emissivity according to a known temperature or according to temperature in different parts of the image.

Temperature changes

Analysis of temperature changes

A differential image enables following temperature changes in relation to a referential image. The function "Hold Maximum" is able to catch a temporary increase of local temperature.

Temperature checking

Temperature monitoring

LabIR® can control temperature at the level of individual pixels. We can compare the record with a reference record and set up an optional tolerance. It is applicable for inspection of welds.

A list of all functions of LabIR®IR software

Basic functions

  • connection to different infrared cameras
  • setting measurement parameters (emissivity, etc.)
  • area analysis of a thermogram
  • temperature graphs
  • user customisation
    • option of colour palette, temperature scale display
    • temperature range setting of thermogram
  • export
    • thermogram – series of pictures or video
    • analysis temperature over time (from a whole record)
    • all points of an analysis (from one image)
    • temperature profile of a line (from one image)

Advanced functions

  • calculation with emissivity
    • emissivity adjustment after recording
    • possibility of a different emissivity for analyses
    • emissivity calculation from a known sample
  • temperature control
    • o resolution per pixel
    • exact localization of a defect
  • measurement for specific applications
    • temperature profile of line over time (from a whole record)
    • a differential picture
    • holding maximum in time
    • customized function
  • filter applications
  • choice of area for NDT analysis
  • time course of analysis outputs
  • advanced evaluation methods (TDS, Pulse-Phase, DTSA)
  • quantitative evaluation using CNR
  • blending of a termogram/defectogram with a common photography (in the visible spectrum)
  • pixel conversion per mm to evaluate defect dimensions
  • connecting thermograms

List of compatible infrared cameras

  • FLIR
    • SDK
      • A20, A40
      • Omega, Merlin, Phoenix
      • S40, S45, S60, S65, SC640
      • CPA 8000, 8200
      • SC4000, SC6000
      • series A3X0, A3X5, SC3X5
      • A615, series SC6X5
      • GF320, GF309
    • series T
    • series SC7000
  • Micro-Epsilon
    • TIM 160, TIM 200, TIM 400, TIM 450, TIM 640
  • Optris
    • PI 160, PI 200/ PI 230, PI 400/ PI 450, PI 640 - Microbolometer cameras
  • LumaSense
    • MIKRON MCS640
  • InfraTec VarioCAM HD (only an image, not temperatures))

Try LabIR®

Do you own several infrared cameras with incompatible software or have you failed to find software functions required for your infrared cameras? We offer a possibility to download a trial version of LabIR software free of charge.


Pricelist of LabIR® IR software


    Free of charge

    • connection to different infrared cameras
    • setting thermographic parameters
    • temperature analyses
    • temperature graphs
    • recording
    • differential picture


    3 800 EUR

    • temperature monitoring according to reference record
    • detailed inspection with a single pixel
    • temperature graphs; cursor shows the corresponding place in the thermogram
    • precise error localization and quantification of severity
    • detailed setting tolerance
    • input-output communication, logging, ready for integration into production lines
    • point analysis can sample more pixels (noise smoothing)


    6 600 EUR

    • frame rate recording is independent of camera (useful for recording slow lengthy processes)
    • function HOLD MAX (view the highest temperature recorded over time)
    • temperature profile along the line over time
    • point analysis can sample more pixels (noise smoothing)
    • additional change of emissivity recordings
    • the ability to set for analysis (of part of the image) different emissivity
    • colour resolution of other emissivity in the thermogram (the area is "lighter or darker")
    • calculate emissivity according to user-specified temperature
    • calculate emissivity according to place with thermographic paint; computation is constantly updated during the measurement
    • calculation of emissivity according to the temperature of the thermocouple; the calculation during the measurement is constantly updated


    3 000 EUR

    • TDS (Time derivation of The Signal): a method based on approximation and on signal derivation
    • Pulse-Phase: a method based on phase signal analysis
    • DTSA (Dynamic Thermographic Signal Analysis): method based on time signal analysis developed at the NTC workplace
    • quantitative evaluation of thermograms and defectograms using the CNR function (Contrast To Noise Ratio)
    • transparency of a thermogram or defectogram and blending with photos
    • transformation and pixel conversion to mm for precise positioning in a thermogram
    • thermographic analysis during cyclic loading (tools for inserting time notes to the measurement process and thermal gradient compensation)


    from 1 200 EUR

    • Stitching (connecting) thermal images by different methods
    • Tools for more comfortable stitching of thermograms with optional transparency of the selected picture
    • Manipulation of thermograms - moving, scaling, rotating
    • The result is fully fully radiometric thermal image
    • Saving progress into project file for reproducibility

Move your measurements to a higher level

Specialty coating applications will enable you to measure with greater precision or even perform measurements of objects that would otherwise not be measured.

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