Software for thermographic inspection LabIR® CONTROL


Software for thermographic inspection

„Ask for more than just temperature monitoring.“

IR software LabIR® CONTROL supplements the basic software module for complex inspection functions. The module is designed for fully automatic quality control in a production line. The software identifies and locates faults according to the set tolerance.

Price: 3800 EUR (3,140.50 EUR without VAT)

Advanced functions of the LabIR® CONTROL module

  • point analysis for sampling more pixels (for smoothing noise)
  • temperature monitoring by reference record
  • detailed control at the level of individual pixels
  • temperature graph with the cursor showing the appropriate place in the thermogram
  • input-output communication, logging, ready for integration into production lines
  • precise error localization and quantification of severity
  • detailed setting tolerance

Where to use LabIR® CONTROL thermography software

Science and research

Automotive industry

Mechanical engineering

Temperature control OK LabIR® CONTROL
  • Temperature control OK
Temperature control NOK
  • Temperature control NOK
Temperature control OK LabIR® Control
  • Temperature control OK
Temperature control NOK LabIR® Control
  • Temperature control NOK
  • FLIR
    • SDK
      • A20, A40
      • Omega, Merlin, Phoenix
      • S40, S45, S60, S65, SC640
      • CPA 8000, 8200
      • SC4000, SC6000
      • series A3X0, A3X5, SC3X5
      • A615, series SC6X5
      • GF320, GF309
    • series T
    • series SC7000
  • Micro-Epsilon
    • TIM 160, TIM 200, TIM 400, TIM 450, TIM 640
  • Optris
    • PI 160, PI 200/ PI 230, PI 400/ PI 450, PI 640 - Microbolometer cameras
  • LumaSense
    • MIKRON MCS640
  • InfraTec VarioCAM HD (only an image, not temperatures)

We will provide not only the supply of infrared cameras

We will be glad to ensure infrared cameras for specific monitoring processes. We are able to supply customized comprehensive technological and technical solutions, technological research and training for workers in industrial companies.

LabIR®software demand

  • Price: 3800 EUR
  • Availability: In stock
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