software pro termovizní měření LabIR® TECHNOLOGY


Software for thermography applications

„More than thermal imaging.“

IR software for advanced users of thermographic measurement used for research, development, deployment and improving technological processes. Advanced calculations with emissivity and temperature analyses for technological purposes extend the basic functionality of LabIR® software. LabIR® TECHNOLOGY is fully compatible with other modules of thermography software.

Price: 6,600.00 EUR (5,454.55 EUR without VAT)

Advanced functions of the module LabIR® TECHNOLOGY

  • frame rate recording is independent of a camera (useful for recording slow lengthy processes)
  • function HOLD MAX (view the highest temperature recorded over time)
  • temperature analyses
  • eliminating noise with the MPA method
  • additional change of emissivity recordings
  • the ability to set different emissivities for analysis (of the part of the image)
  • colour resolution of the different emissivities in the thermogram (the area is "lighter or darker")
  • calculate emissivity according to user-specified temperature
  • calculate emissivity according to place with thermographic colour; computation is constantly updated during the measurement
  • calculation of emissivity according to the temperature of the thermocouple; computation is constantly updated during the measurement

List of compatible infrared cameras

Software LabIR® support a wide range of leading world-class cameras. A complete list of supported devices is available here.

To use LabIR® software, your PC should meet the following system requirements.

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