Software for conneting thermograms LabIR®


Software for connecting thermograms

„Comfortable processing of thermographic data.“

LabIR® ThermoStitch is a professional tool for comfortable stitching of thermograms. The results is fully radiometric thermal image. Software is a perfect solution for measurement of too big or long objects (e.g. pipes thermography measurement, buildings thermography measurement), where is not possible to create one thermographic picture. Thermograms can be stitched by different methods.

Price for 1 licence: 1200 EUR (991.74 EUR without VAT)

Price for unlimited* license: 6000 EUR (4,958.68 EUR without VAT)

Advanced functions of the LabIR® ThermoStitch module

  • Stitching (connecting) thermal images by different methods
  • Tools for more comfortable stitching of thermograms with optional transparency of the selected picture
  • Manipulation of thermograms - moving, scaling, rotating
  • The result is fully radiometric thermal image
  • Saving progress into project file for reproducibility

Where to use thermography software LabIR® ThermoStitch

Science and research

Power engineering

Aerial imaging


Connecting thermograms of building - LabIR® ThermoStitch
  • Connecting thermograms of building
Connecting thermograms from aerial imaging - LabIR® ThermoStitch
  • Connecting thermograms from aerial imaging
  • JPEG (FLIR radiometric file)
  • FFF
  • LRC (LabIR file)

When is LabIR® ThermoStitch useful?

  • Measured object is too big (e.g. building/pipe thermography measurement) and the IR camera field of view is too narrow
  • We need better resolution than in the case of taking one thermographic picture of the whole object
  • We need a complex view of the temperature field of a measured object instead of separate cut pictures
  • We want to make additional thermographic data evaluation

What are the benefits?

  • Impression and comfort of evaluation - you can see the thermogram of the measured object in the whole
  • Clarity - a lot of pictures makes results less clear. Each picture should be clearly attached to an exact position. One overall image is more advantageous.
  • Data reduction - Do you make document reports? One page with one picture is better than a lot of pages of thermographic fragments.

Price for software

  • One licence 1200 EUR - price includes manual, price does not include training
  • Unlimited licence for one legal entity 6000 EUR - price includes manual and training at our workplace (contact us for more informations at

A list of all functions of the LabIR®ThermoStitch software

Program customization
  • language setup (CZ, EN)
  • configurable grid size in the background
  • configurable transparency of the thermogram
  • panning/zooming screen
  • changing displayed frames of loaded sequences
Loadings thermograms
  • supported formats: JPEG (FLIR radiometric image), FFF, LRC (LabIR type)
  • stitching of all sequence frames
  • only files of the same type can be stitched together
  • only sequences with same frame count can be stitched together
Thermogram manipulation
  • moving
  • scaling
  • rotating
  • crude manipulation using computer mouse
  • precise manipulation using keyboard arrow keys or by entering numeric values
Saving files
  • saving project into file
  • projects can be reopenned later
  • user can enter new location of deleted or moved files when loading project
  • configurable export area
  • methods for calculating value of overlapping thermograms:
    • TOP (give order in which thermograms will be exported)
    • HALF WAY (seam in middle of overlapping thermograms)
    • LINEAR (linear interpolation of values of overlapping thermograms)
  • supported export types
    • JPEG (radiometric)
    • FFF
    • LRC
    • PNG (not radiometric)

System requirements

  • operating system Windows 7 or newer
  • processor Intel Core i3-3210 or AMD Phenom II X4 955
  • operating memory 1 GB
  • hard drive 70 MB for LabIR plus space for recording
  • 1 free USB port for HW license key (dongle)

We will provide not only the supply of infrared cameras

We will be glad to ensure infrared cameras for specific monitoring processes. We are able to supply customized comprehensive technological and technical solutions, technological research and training for workers in industrial companies.

LabIR® software demand

  • Price for 1 licence/ unlimited licence* : 1200 EUR/6000 EUR
  • Availability: in stock
  • Payment method: transfer to account
  • After receiving your order, we will contact you.
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